Explore new mountains worldwide with a ski resort home swap


Anyone who owns a property in or close to a ski resort can become a member of Snow Swappers. We currently have members in 13 countries around the world who are keen to exchange their ski properties with other like-minded skiers.

The annual membership fee of £39 allows you to have your own page on the Snow Swappers website, where you can display information and photos of your property and resort. You will be able to view the full content of other members' pages and have access to our secure messaging system, which allows you to contact other members to discuss and arrange potential swaps. There is no limit to the number of swaps you can arrange and no further fees to pay to Snow Swappers other than the annual membership fee.




Personal information: To protect your privacy, your name and contact details will not appear anywhere on the Snow Swappers site. Other members will only be able to see your User Name, which you choose yourself when registering. Likewise, the address of your property will not be shown on the site, only the resort. Other members will have the ability to contact you via the Snow Swappers secure and private messaging system, but they will not be able to see your email address.

Click here to read our Privacy Policy and find out more on our Frequently Asked Questions.


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